Pure Cotton Shirts - Made in Texas

Texas Cotton

Founders, Leslie and Margaret Ruddock, February 1955, in front of the original building, still in use today.

Next year, Texas Cotton will celebrate it's 25th year of making people look and feel great.  Each shirt is proudly made in downtown El Paso, Texas, by Ruddock Shirts, a third generation, American owned business.  

The Texas Cotton brand was introduced in 1989 to a market ready for a clean, classic look by John Ruddock. There was a void in the market for well crafted, all cotton western dress shirts.  He wanted shirts that were classy, not hokey or gawdy.  Fortunately, that look that was in decline after being popular for too many years, and giving western wear a terrible image it couldn't shake.  His timing was perfect, many of the western apparel and boot stores were ready to have an authentic and exciting line like this in their stores.

Several years later, the Lone Star shirt was added to their line and quickly became the best selling single shirt design the Ruddock factory has ever produced.  The look was quickly adopted by a huge audience, from western retail shops, corporate uniforms, and even became the shirt of choice for many political rallies of both parties through several election cycles.

Today, third generation brothers, James and Jeff Ruddock own and operate Ruddock Shirts.  They continue to build on the quality make of the past while keeping an eye forward on fabric and fit.  Each Texas Cotton shirt is made with the finest all cotton fabric, sourced from mills all over the world, in the original factory opened in 1955.